Dog food Dilli for adult dogs (Beef goulash)

Being fed with dog food Dilli for a long time, adult dogs of various breeds retain their appetite, right weight, ability to work and energy. Their fur looks luster and intensely colored. All the organism parameters confirm that dog food Dilli provides for the healthy, joyful and active dogs.

The results of the research have shown that dog food Dilli is eaten both by dogs which were previously fed with home food and the dogs that got used to eating dry food of famous transnational brands.

Dry food Dilli for adult dogs (Beef goulash with vegetables) contains: cereals (wheat, hulled oat, wheat germs), meat-meal, soybean meal, meat by-products, animal and vegetable fats and oils, dried beetroot, vitamins, microelements, preservatives allowed in the CIS.

Beef is the main source of valuable and essential aminoacids for dogs the elements of protein formation which contribute for building essential organism tissues of the animal, especially muscles, nerves and the skeleton.

Vegetables contain valuable vitamins and are especially useful for carnivorous animals because of its fiber which stimulates their digestion and intestinal motility. Beet pulp is especially valuable as it is rich in fiber pectins. It is contained in the new type of dog food Dilli to provide for normal digestion in dogs.

The formulation of foods was worked out by scientists specialists in cynology, zootechnics and animal nutrition. The chemical composition of the food is monitored in authorized testing centers.

Elements contained in the feed for adult dogs (guaranteed indexes)
Crude protein (protein) over 22%
Crude fat over 13 %
Crude fiber under 3%
Calcium over 0,6%
Phosphorus over 0,5%
Natrium over 0,1%
Moisture under 8%
Metabolizable energy 350 kcal/100 g
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