/ Pribavlai-ka

Premix for young stock

GOST (All-Union State Standard) R 51095-97

Vitamin and mineral additives (premixes) “Pribavlai-ka” are meant specially for small farms and are used for food enrichment in order to increase the productivity of farm animals and poultry. The contents of the premixes are balanced in vitamins, macro-and microelements, which in their turn provide for increased effectiveness of the nutritive ratio.

Premix for broilers and young stock “Pribavlai-ka” is meant for making good the deficit of vitamins and microelements at chickens, broilers (1-4 weeks old), ducklings, goslings (1-3 weeks old). Daily usage of premix “Pribavlai-ka” will contribute to improved incubation features of the egg, prevent egg-eating, limp, premature molting, fragile feathers, rachitis or eye diseases. Moreover it saves the feed significantly!

Preparation: 10 g (2 teaspoonfuls) of premix “Pribavlai-ka” must be added to 1 kg of the freshly-mixed food and mixed carefully. The obtained mix should be fed dry or as a mash. In order to retain active vitamins the food with the additive should not be processed thermally.

Premix contents (P 5-1) for chickens, broilers (1-4 weeks), ducklings, goslings (1-3 weeks)
Component Measuring unit P 5-1
A mln. IU (International units) 1 000
D3 mln. IU 200
E g per ton (g/t) 2 500
K3 g/t 200
B1 g/t 200
B2 g/t 400
B3 g/t 1 200
B5 g/t 3 000
B6 g/t 200
B12 g/t 3
Bc g/t 70
C g/t 5 000
Zn g/t 5 000
Cu g/t 250
Co g/t 100
J g/t 100
Antioxidant g/t 12 500
Contents of the filler wheat mill offal, chalky flour

for regions of Russia
8 800 700-19-32

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