27 April 2018
The programme “Made in Russia” was developed by JSC “Russian Export Center” in order to promote famous Russian brands and trademarks abroad. The programme consisted of 2 stages: firstly the experts evaluated the experience and company goodwill; secondly the products underwent certification.
5 October 2017
Approaching its anniversary, CJSC “Aleiskzernoprodukt” named after S.N. Starovoitov has taken part in All-Russia Festival of Quality for pancake and griddle-cake mixes, bakery and pastry.
19 June 2017
In June 2017 in Moscow the autonomous non-commercial organization “Russian Quality System” awarded CJSC “Aleiskzernoprodukt” named after S.N. Starovoitov with the Russian Quality Label and ISO certificate for bakery wheat flour, premium quality.
5 June 2017
On December 17 CJSC “Aleiskzernoprodukt” named after S.N. Starovoitov will celebrate its 85th anniversary. The first mill in Aleisk appeared in 1932 and produced 150 ton of flour daily. Nowadays CJSC “Aleiskzernoprodukt” is the biggest grain processing complex in Russia including elevators, mills, plants and production halls.
9 December 2016
CJSC “Aleiskzernoprodukt” named after Sergei N. Starovoitov participated in the national award for import substitution “PRIORITY-2016”.

“Dilli” trademark production is the complete feed for dogs and “AkvAlei” is expansion extruded feed for fish manufactured at “Aleiskzernoprodukt” company. Both products were awarded the title of a nominee at the national award for import substitution “Priority-2016”.
24 November 2016
On October 22, 2016 Beijing hosted the seventh international charity fair “Love has no borders”.

88 Embassies and RepOffices of international organizations took part in the annual fair. The funds raised this year will be donated for building bridges in the distant province of Gansu.
24 November 2016
On November 1, 2016 in Beijing the exhibition of food from Russia “Russian Gastroweek” was held. It was the first event of the Russian Export Center (REC) in such a format.

At “Russian Gastroweek” Altai Krai was represented by CJSC “Aleiskzernoprodukt” named after Sergei N. Starovoitov. The company has been selling their own production under “Aleyka”TM in the Chinese market for 9 years.
12 October 2016
CJSC “Aleiskzernoprodukt” named after Sergei N. Starovoitov yet again participated in the All-Russia festival of quality for flour and grains.

As a result the company was awarded with the Diploma of 1st order and a golden medal “For high-quality production” – for the first-rate baker’s wheat flour and the food concentrate – the mix for baking griddlecakes containing wheat flour and oat flakes. The first-rate baker’s wheat flour was awarded with the Diploma of 2nd order and a silver medal “For high-quality production”.
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