Assistance in transporting

Providing the service of shipping and transporting the goods via railroad and car. Besides, we deliver grain from farms to our own elevator.

We provide for:

  • mobility;
  • one place for shipping;
  • simple process: from order to delivery.

Grain storage

CJSC Aleyskzernoprodukt named after Sergei N. Starovoitov provides for grain storage. The enterprise owns the elevator and warehouses of simultaneous storage of 100 thsd ton.

Combined feeds on individual formulations

CJSC Aleyskzernoprodukt named after Sergei N. Starovoitov is capable of producing any types of combined feeds for farm animals and poultry due to the individual formulation of the client.

Owing to exact dozing of components the combined feed corresponds to the formulation completely. The quality assessment of feedstock and prepared feeds is carried out via laboratory analyses in our own lab.

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