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The flour, grains, pasta, cereal flakes and vegetable oil under Aleyka brand are filled with the energy of the sun, land and kind workers of Altai.
Flour Aleyka Flour Aleyka is produced from the choice quality grain grown in ecologically clean areas of Altai. Thus it has excellent baking properties. The pastry is fluffy, high-colored and full-flavoured.
Grains Aleyka Grains Aleyka . Owing to careful and thorough processing grains Aleyka keep minerals and vitamins and the porridge is tasty and healthy.
Cereals Aleyka Cereals Aleyka are produced on modern equipment via deep steaming. It contributes to shorter cooking time (2-3 min) and increased nutrition value of the product.
Pasta Aleyka Pasta Aleyka is made of the best Altai wheat without pigments and artificial components. It provides for high quality, taste and value.
Sunflower seed oil Aleyka Sunflower seed oil Aleyka is produced via the cold press technology. The oil smells good, doesnt foam or burn fast and doesnt give residual.
The formulation of the dry complete feed Dilli has been worked out by scientists dog specialists, zootechnicians and animal nutritionists.
Vitamin-mineral premixes for farm animals and poultry Pribavlai-ka are ecological products made due to standard or specific individual formulations.
The combined feeds produced at CJSCAleyskzernoprodukt named after SergeiN.Starovoitov are manufactured from the high-quality organic feedstock on modern equipment. The quality of combined feeds is proved by high-accuracy computer weight batching.
The premixes produced at CJSCAleyskzernoprodukt named after SergeiN.Starovoitov are manufactured due to standard or special individual recipes which consider biogeochemical zones, gender and age peculiarities, the diet and physiological state of the animals and poultry.
Combined feed