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Published at the site on 05.05.2018

The current Privacy Policy regulates processing and using personal and other data of CJSC “Aleyskzernoprodukt” named after S.N. Starovoitov (hereinafter - Company).

When giving personal and other data via the Site the User confirms his/her agreement to use this data due to the terms given in the current Privacy Policy.

Should the User disagree with the provisions of the current Privacy Policy he/she must stop using the Site.

Using the Site means unconditional acceptance of the current Privacy Policy.


1.1. Site is the site located in the Internet at and all subdomains. The Company has completely all exclusive rights for the Site and its elements (including the software and design). The current Privacy Policy does not involve transfer of exclusive rights to the User.
1.2. User is a private person using the Site.
1.3. Legislation is the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
1.4. Personal data are the personal data which the User provides about himself/herself when Registering or while using the Site functions.
1.5. Data – other data about the User (excluded from Personal data).
1.6. Registration means the User filling in any forms at the Site.


2.1. The Company collects and stores only the Personal data necessary to provide Services and interact with the User.
2.2. The Personal data can be used for the following purposes:
2.2.1 Providing Services to the User;
2.2.2 Identifying the User;
2.2.3 Interacting with the User;
2.2.4 Sending the User advertising materials, information and requests;
2.2.5 Carrying out statistical and other research;
2.2.6 Processing the User’s payments;
2.2.7 Monitoring the User’s operations in order to prevent fraud, unlawful bids, money laundry.
2.3. The Company also processes the following data:
2.3.1 Last name, first name, patronymic name;
2.3.2 E-mail address.


3.1. The Company undertakes to use Personal data in accordance with Federal Law “On personal data” no.152-FL of July 27, 2006 and internal documents of the Company.
3.2. The Personal data and other data of the User are kept in private except for those cases when these data are open to the public.
3.3. The Company is entitled to store the archive copy of the Personal data or other data. The Company is entitled to store the Personal data or other data at servers outside the Russian Federation.
3.4. The Company is entitled to transfer the Personal data or other data without the User’s consent to the following persons:
3.4.1 State authorities including those of inquiry and investigation, self-governing authorities under their reasonable request;
3.4.2 Partners of the Company;
3.4.3 In other cases defined directly in the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


4.1. The Company undertakes the proper safeguard of Personal and other data in accordance with the Legislation and takes essential and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the Personal data.
4.2. These protective measures among other things provide for Personal data protection from unlawful or inadvertent access, erasure, change, blocking, copying, distribution or other unlawful acts of third parties.


5.1. Using the Site, the User is entitled to insert the data of third parties for further usage.
5.2. The User undertakes to get the consent of the personal data subject to use them via the Site.
5.3. The Company is entitled to use the personal data of the third parties inserted by the User.
5.4. The Company undertakes the proper safeguard of the personal data of the third parties inserted by the User.


6.1. The legislation of the Russian Federation is applicable to the current Private Policy and relations between the User and the Company.
6.2. All possible disputes as a result of the current Agreement are subject to consideration under the current legislation at the Company place of incorporation. Before applying to court the User has to follow the pre-judicial procedure for dispute settlement and sent a proper complaint to the Company in writing. The reply term is 30 (thirty) working days.
6.3. Should for some reason one or several provisions of the Private Policy be proved invalid, null and void, this does not change the validity of other provisions in the Private Policy.
6.4. The Company is entitled at any moment alter the Private policy (completely or partly) unilaterally without previous notice of the User. All the changes come into effect the next day after being published at the Site.
6.5. The User undertakes to follow the alterations in the Private Policy on his/her own by reading the upgraded edition.


7.1. Tel/fax: +7 (385-53) 21-2-72
Tel: 8 800 700-19-32

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