/ Premix for poultry

Premix for broilers and young poultry

The premix is a highly efficient vitamin and mineral additive which is used to enrich combined feeds and foods of all farm animals and poultry in order to increase their productivity. It is mostly effective when used regularly in recommended doses.

When producing premixes at CJSC “Aleyskzernoprodukt” named after Sergei N. Starovoitov we use only high-quality feedstock: vitamins, macro-and microelements form the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. The main filler is the own-produced offal.

The productive capacities of CJSC “Aleyskzernoprodukt” named after Sergei N. Starovoitov provide for producing any types of premixes for farm animals and poultry due to the individual formulation of the client and considering the blood tests of the animal, the food supply of every farm. We can introduce aminoacids, ferments, veterinary agents, flavour agents and other additives.

The quality control for the feedstock and final production is carried out via laboratory research in our own lab and authorized testing centers.

Premix contents (P 5-1) for chickens, broilers (1-4 weeks), ducklings, goslings (1-3 weeks)
Component Measuring unit P 5-1
A mln. IU (International units) 1 000
D3 mln. IU 200
E g per ton (g/t) 2 500
K3 g/t 200
B1 g/t 200
B2 g/t 400
B3 g/t 1 200
B5 g/t 3 000
B6 g/t 200
B12 g/t 3
Bc g/t 70
C g/t 5 000
H g/t 10
Fe g/t 1 000
Mn g/t 10 000
Zn g/t 5 000
Cu g/t 250
Co g/t 100
J g/t 100
Antioxidant g/t 12 500
Contents of the filler wheat mill offal, chalky flour
Input into the feed kg per 1 ton of feed 10
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